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American companies outsourcing more work back in the USA.

As more and more American ( large and small ) companies are finding out, it is now cheaper to outsource web development here in USA than overseas to countries like India. We have seen huge increase of work from local American development and advertising agencies. There are many factors involved and here are just a few.

Why is web development and coding work coming back to America?

  • Lower production rates than India
  • Easier communication with developers
  • Less risk of scammers
  • Faster turn around times. Most overseas developers are now taking months to deliver to justify their pricing.
  • Quality of work

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As you can see in this article from CNBC, India’s economy is slowing due to the fewer US jobs being sent overseas..

Is a Key Pillar of India’s Economy in Jeopardy?

The cutback in spending comes amid decelerating growth in the economy. Indias economy grew at a decade-low pace of 5 percent in the fiscal year which ended March 2013.”Uncertainty in terms of the economy and job security is holding consumers back from buying big ticket items like cars and real estate,” said Dheeraj Sinha, chief strategy officer, South and Southeast Asia at global advertising and marketing agency Grey. “Also, middle class consumers are feeling the pinch of inflation,” he added.

via Is a Key Pillar of Indias Economy in Jeopardy?.