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Ecommerce is on the rise and booming for 2014

According to Forrester Research, ecommerce will become a $250-billion industry by 2014. The Internet has indeed transformed into the world’s biggest shopping mall and if you want to reach untapped markets and exponentially grow your profit and revenue, having a strong ecommerce website is a non-negotiable.

E-commerce websites are basically online stores where products or services are sold through internet. These days E-commerce is in trend. People don’t have time to go to physical stores for purchasing stuufs they want. People are getting engaged on Internet more and even if they have to purchase something from a physical store, they search on internet on various E-commerce websites for pricing. So it is seen from some time that E-commerce websites are gaining acceleration in terms of products, sales etc.

There are some essentials which must be there in an E-commerce website

1. Attractive Banners:
Banners contain images, videos, messages which are eye-catching and hence a lot depends upon banners whether customer will stay on website or not. Features products, Call to Actions can be given in banners.
a. Banners should be made very attractive as banners are first point of contact on a website.
b. Size of banner should be kept low as it helps website to load quickly and also it happens that banners appears after rest of the content on website. So size of banner should be low.
c. Color and designs should be as per the other website’s elements.
d. Appropriate message must be there in Banner
e. Banners need to updated regularly as it brings in mind of customer that website is being updated regularly.

2. Advanced Search:
There should be an advanced search option on E-commerce website. There should be some fields which will help the visitors refine their search on website and hence they keep on browsing the website. Some of the important search fields are:
a. As per Category
b. As per price
c. As per Brand
d. As per color
e. As per Size
f. As per reviews
g. As per availability
There are even more but that all depends upon the type of E-commerce website.

3. Product Images:
There should be large and clear in order to catch the eye of customer. If a person is going to buy a product from E-commerce website, he can’t feel the product so he need to show the product in different views (For eg. a model wearing an apparel). This increases the trust of customer in product and hence sales increases. There is a special Zoom option available there on E-commerce websites which makes it easier for the customer to see every detail of product.

4. Product Information:
There should be proper information of a product on an E-commerce website. Customer must be able to see each and every detail of product as there is no sales person available, as there is in a physical store.

5. Single Page check out
Customers find it time consuming as well as frustrating to fill number of forms while purchasing. Even in a physical store customer don’t like standing in lines. So there should be a single page checkout on website so that customer don’t change mind while purchasing at the last time due to large information.