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The free and very accessible Google Drive formerly known as Google Docs is the obvious choice among collaborative tools in the cloud. You can create and edit documents, solo or with others, in real time online. Google Drive is accessible wherever you have Internet access and a Web browser. The newest feature, file-syncing, has an optional downloadable component, too. Other online-only suites, notably Zoho, have a bigger feature set, but Google Drive comes close to the ideal balance of features, speed, and convenience. If you require maximum compatibility with advanced Office features, then Microsoft Office Web Apps might be a better choice, but for certain projects, Google Docs is the simplest and most effective solution.

Google Drive Website

WIth it’s ability to share folders and files to clients, co-workers, friends and family,
I give it a big Thumbs Up.thumbs-up-icon-blue-reallytiny_border