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Web Design for Successful Pay Per Click Advertising

[box] Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a great way to earn money on your site—but only if you have the right strategies. Basically, the system works by placing ads on your site and paying you every time someone follows the link. Since you make money from user clicks, the amount you make is directly proportional to the visibility of your ad boxes. If you want it to be worth your time, you need to plan your PPC ads for maximum click-through. Your first and probably most important decision is where to place your ads. They have to be somewhere conspicuous, but they can’t get in the way of your main content either. Also, if you’re targeting tech-savvy users, you can’t get much traffic from the usual ad spots. People who spend a lot of time online know where the ads usually go, and tend to avoid these areas. If you’re not sure where to put your ads, Google offers a “heat map” showing the parts of the site that get the highest click-through rates. The “hottest” spots are the ones just above and to the left of the main content. The left sidebar also gets pretty good traffic. You’ll want to avoid the upper right and footer areas, as they hardly get any clicks. Next, you’ll need to integrate the ad into your site design. This can be tricky if you’re new to PPC advertising. You want people to notice the ads, but not glare out of the page like an annoying pop-up. Studies show that it helps to match the ad text to that of your page, so that they appear more like part of your content. You can also use the same background color, or a closely similar shade. Simply take the appropriate code from your page HTML and apply them to the ad script. Finally, it’s important to load up on relevant content. As much as possible, put keyword content on dedicated pages so that they’re easily indexed by search engines. As you go up the search ranks and get more traffic, users are more likely to read and click your ads. With good planning, placement, and design, PPC can be a valuable source of revenue for your site.[/box]