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What are the essential wordpress plugins to install


  • Sasha B.


    Sasha B.

    Founder at Techbridge – Your digital team

    Gravity forms with different add-ons.

  • Hitch B.


    Hitch B.

    Founder/CEO at The Fashion Globe &

    This is the top 4 plugins we recommend for our clients:

    * Akismet

    * SEO

    * Total Cache

    * Analytics for WordPress

    After for social media we recommend using but it’s not essential

    * Jetpack

    Feel free to stop by here for all your WP needs:

  • Paul G.


    Paul G.

    Co-Founder of iControlWP – Secure Multiple WordPress Management

    You’ll want:

    WordPress Simple Firewall

    WordPress SEO

    Redirection (for 404 tracking etc.)

    W3 Total Cache.

    iControlWP (for multiple management)

    Hope that helps!

  • Diane W.


    Diane W.

    Web Developer

    Excellent topic!


    Login Lockdown

    W3 Total Cache

    Google XML Sitemap

    Contact 7 Forms

    BulletProof Security

    I could go on and on. I’m looking forward to other’s suggestions.

  • Ben K.


    Ben K.

    Principal Consultant at Bracia Design

    – BackupBuddy

    – Advanced Custom Fields + Addons

    – Gravity Forms

    – WP Migrate DB Pro

  • Kevin B.


    Kevin B.

    WordPress Security Specialist at Pioneer Web Consulting

    This is a short list of my personal favourites;

    P3 profiler – essential to know how your plugins impact your site load time

    Due-security – 2 step authentication for the login screen

    easy theme and plugin upgrades

    wordpress SEO

    backup buddy

    I could write a book on plugins but these 5 are a great set to add to any WP site

  • Steve C.


    Steve C.

    Asst Professor of Music Technology at USC, web designer/developer, old car guy

    Backup Buddy

    iThemes Security Pro

    Gravity Forms

    All In One SEO Pack Pro

    Google Analytics

    if I can have a sixth: Infinite WP client.

  • Amy B.


    Amy B.

    Business Owner at Websites for Business Coaches

    gravity forms is a good one. I also like s2member and wishlist member.

  • Pastor Ken F.

    Pastor Ken

    Pastor Ken F.

    Pastor at Last Harvest Fellowship

    Basically my short list is:

    askimet for spam catching

    formidable forms for forms (easy hacking of their html)

    WP-TotalCache to enable both Memcaching and CDN management

    SEO by Yoast

    Duplicator ideal for quick backups off site or cloning a site or moving from staging area

  • Ryuhei Y.


    Ryuhei Y.

    Web Developer

    We just wrote a post about this. ACF, CF7, W3TotalCache, WordPress SEO by Yoast, and BackWPup.

  • Megan C.


    Megan C.

    Web Designer

    Advanced Custom Fields (to extend WP’s CMS capabilities)

    Quick Cache (simpler than W3 total cache)

    Google XML Sitemaps

    Gravity Forms (best form plugin I’ve used)

    Wordfence Security (great security options)

  • Ryan H.


    Ryan H.

    Front-end Web Developer at Mindutopia

    Regenerate thumbnails, Contact Form 7, P3 profiler, Query Monitor, and Google Analytics

  • Bennie M.


    Bennie M.

    Webdesigner who will help you with a Professional Website or Custom WordPress Implementations

    Maybe also a difference in free and paid plugins.. 🙂

    Free plugins i use; contact form 7, related posts, pretty links, disqus, akismet and i like tiny cofee and bit coin donation plugins. NExt to this i use a lot of textwidgets (share buttons etc)

    Premium plugins; optinskin, postskin, aweber, revolution slider, member solutions.

    Some plugins depend on the goal for the website.

    BEst, Bennie

  • Jordan A.


    Jordan A.

    CEO at Prositetutorials

    1. Jetpack it adds a tone of useful features just in one plugin.

    2. Akismet if you have posts it’s one of the best way to stop annoying comment spam.

    3. All In One SEO Pack so you can customize each page for the search engines.

    4. UpdraftPlus a great to automatically back-up your WordPress website.

    5. W3 Total Cache to help boost the uploading speed for your website.

    Those are the ones that I commonly install to all of my websites.

  • Panagiotis H.


    Panagiotis H.

    PHP Developer

    I am also keen on the pure Ninja Forms plugin (without extensions). Also wpml for multilingual blogs/cms (although polylang seems a nice alternative).

  • Петр К.


    Петр К.

    Senior Designer, Team Lead, YarGromov Studio

    Plugins we always use are:

    1. Akismet – the best choice if you use default WP comments

    2. Rus to Lat – convert cyrillic post/page title to latin

    3. Contact Form 7 – form plugin

    4. Regenerate Thumbnails – if you add/change/delete thumbnail size – use this plugin for recropping all images in “uploads”

    5. NextGen Gallery – v2.x has some bugs, but 1.x – the best gallery plugin. Also we use NextGen Gallery Voting for contests and photo raitings

    6. ACF – Advansed Custom Fields – add what you want to any post / page / custom post tape. Great plugin!

    7. Redux Framework – Powerfull plugin for theme option pages

    8. WooCommerce

    9. CodeStyling Localization – edit .po files

    10. FancyBox for WordPress

    11 WP PageNavi

  • Mike S.


    Mike S.

    Web Developer at Auxiant

    Wordfence, WordPress SEO by Yoast, Contact Form 7, and Advanced Custom Fields are all crucial to every site I run.

  • Simon M.


    Simon M.

    Owner, Squared Ink

    Same as Mike’s list above, just add ‘Duplicator’ for quickly moving sites about for testing and development, and I always add ‘Email log’ for those times when the client insists the site isn’t emailing them!

  • Lance B.


    Lance B.

    Internet Sherpa | WordPress Wizard | Writer

    Yoast SEO

    Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

    TinyMCE Advanced

    Google Analytics (Kevin Sylvestre)

    Google XML Sitemaps (Arne Brachhold)

  • Nino Giovanny C.

    Nino Giovanny

    Nino Giovanny C.

    Analista de Sistemas na COGECT – Coordenadoria de Gestão Corporativa de Projetos de Tecnologia da Informação

    My List…

    Akismet, ACF, CF7, WordPress SEO by Yoast, Wordfence

    what’s the need of your website?

  • Miguel Angelo P.

    Miguel Angelo

    Miguel Angelo P.

    Web Development. na; Consultant at Novabase Consulting

    Hello Valentine Kogut and other colleagues. I can separate into 2 groups preinstalled with wordpress and plugins to install.

    Pre installed that are well worth it for me are:

    -Jetpack – Native


    And Plugin choose to install these as essential:

    -WP-DBManager (to make backup’s theme and databases, you must also repair and optimize functionality)

    SEO by Yoast-(Together they have a good portion of everything you need to have a good SEO “Google XML Sitemap for example.”)

    Wp-Super Cache (Optimization of loading the site)

    WP-Construction Mode (if we do our ONLINE site, and even for certain interruptions is very worthwhile.)

    -Fast Secure Contact Form (Forms of contacts)

    For those working with Adsense and Affiliates:

    -Quick Adsense – To automate the insertion of adsense on posts and pages of our projects)

    -AdRotate – (Autorotation advertising and reports.)

    I hope I have contributed to your interest.

    best regards

  • Valerie A.


    Valerie A.

    WordPress Web Developer & Small Business Consultant

    I’ll just give you free ones here:

    WordPress SEO by Yoast


    Ozh’ Admin Menu

    Ultimate TinyMCE

    Mail Poet

    …but there are a few more I can’t live without!

    And I always load the premium plugin, Backup Buddy, on any site I will be hosting/maintaining.

  • Jonny A.


    Jonny A.

    Director & head of creative/digital at Tanc Design

    – WP-CMS Post Control (customise post screens and limit revisions)

    – Gravity Forms (the best form building plugin available)

    – Yoast SEO (excellent SEO controls and XML Sitemap generation)

    – WP SuperCache (speed up your page loads)

  • Jahanzaib R.


    Jahanzaib R.

    Php WordPress Developer at Esol Technologies

    Good Topic!

    1-Contact Form 7

    2-ACF(advance custom fields)

    3- Regenerate Thumbnails

    4-W3 Total Cache

  • Mark T.


    Mark T.

    IT and Accounts Analyst at TJ McConnells and Sons

    For me

    – Akismet

    – All-in-one-SEO

    – BackWPup

    – Google Analytics

    – Shareaholic

    I would disagree with installing jetpack, for a plugin to do so many things is asking for trouble. I did use it for the sharing and reports but found it problematic and I know a lot of guys as Wealthy Affiliate found it a real pain. Better to use a plugin for a specific task than use jetpack for everything.

  • Thomas A.


    Thomas A.

    Web Developer

    1. Wordfence,

    2. UpdraftPlus

    3. WordPress SEO Yoast,

    4. Contact Form 7,

    5. Advanced Text Widget

    6. WP Fastest Cache

    Sorry, 6 but in my experience very good and important!

  • Basil T.


    Basil T.

    Founder, Trobaz Internet Solutions, LLC

    ~ WordPress SEO Yoast

    ~ Wordfence Security

    ~ WassUp Real Time Analytics

    ~ Breezing Forms

    ~ Japkin

  • Nazcar P.


    Nazcar P.

    System Engineer and Web Developer

    SEO Yoast

    Contact Form 7

    Google XML sitemap

    W3 Total Cache


  • Krishna C M.

    Krishna C

    Krishna C M.

    Web / UI / WordPress Developer | PHP | Mysql | HTML5 | CSS3

    1. Contact form 7

    2. custom permalinks

    3. global content blocks

    4. page links to

    5. breadcrumb navxt

    6. wp realtime sitemap

    7. nexgen gallery

    8. akismet

    9. All in One SEO Pack

  • Erik T.


    Erik T.

    Independent Music Professional and Web Developer/Designer

    Some these suggestions are great… some just make me think people are just lazy..

    Askimet – Invaluable for a high traffic site with open comments… you may have to drop some coin though.

    Gravity Forms – Way easy, mad expandable and it’s something you can train a client to use. I advocate this of Contact Forms 7 any day… Contact Forms 7 reeks like WordPress 2.

    SEO by Yoast – It’s the best

    Google XML sitemap

    W3 Total Cache(If Needed, as I find people mistake the need for this without realizing that their host blows)

    I handle the rest by myself.

  • vipul G.


    vipul G.

    MD/Project manager at JNEXT Development

    contact Form 7

  • Digvijay

    Digvijay L.

    W3 Total Cache – For speeding up the site

    Google Analytics

    Google XML Sitemaps

    Contact Form 7


  • victor O.


    victor O.

    Entrepreneur|Business Consultant|Author

    SEO by Yoast

    Broken link checker

    SEO slugs

    WP Smush It

    Total Cache

  • Timo R.


    Timo R.

    Web Developer

    SEO by Yoast

    Google XML sitemap

    W3 Total Cache

    Post Status Notifier


  • Rufus

    Rufus T.

    For my blog:

    * WordPress SEO by Yoast

    * Batcache

    * Juiz Social Post Sharer

    * Google Analytics for WordPress

    * Contact Form 7

    And, I listed some more on my blog

  • Brent N.


    Brent N.

    Co-founder – Green Collar Technologies

    In this order:

    Ultimate Maintenance Mode (enable to hide dev site)

    Wordfence (secure site)

    WordPress SEO (optimize site)

    Enable media replace


    5 others…

  • Iman D.


    Iman D.

    Support Manager, Web Developer at PixFlow


    W3 Total Cache

    Contact form 7

    Google Analyticator


  • Mike D.


    Mike D.



    Contact Form 7

    All in one SEO pack

    google xml sitemap

    W3 total cache

  • Ron C.


    Ron C.

    WordPress Design and Theme Developer at

    Here’s what I pretty much use on every site I build

    Wordfence – for security

    Backup Creator – for automated backups to S3

    Akismet – to fight spam

    Pretty Link Lite – to mask aff links

    WordPress SEO Yoast

    Contact Form 7

    Jetpack on some sites for various tools

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