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Parallax Isn’t Responsive

Back in mid 2012 we started to see an influx of these sites; many of us remember that cool Nike site, and while they were all the rage with cool animation effects and really brought the site to life they have since proved they weren’t all that they were cracked up to be…by 2014 we started articles floating around condemning their usage.

What Is Parallax Scrolling?

Parallax scrolling is a visual effect that mimics depth by making the foreground and background elements on a Web page scroll at different speeds. This effect was popularized by video games in which the foreground elements moved at a much faster pace than background scenes, making them seem to pop off the screen. This effect made imagery feel less flat and more three dimensional.

In Web design, parallax scrolling has a similar effect: as a user scrolls down a page, the images in the background move more slowly than the content in the foreground. This gives the page depth.
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I have been working on one of these sites for months…yes MONTHS! (which if you know me and my team, you would understand why I punctuated my statement) And I can’t even tell you the pain it has caused me every step of the way…

First, of all besides timing everything just right (I’d rather be working in Flash, don’t get me started)… It took me a while to grasp the concept of parallax coding. There are so many variations on how to implement the scrolling methodology to a page. So once I found one that I could really understand, I was finally able to create something pretty terrific…

HOWEVER, due to the constraints of parallax design now we are faced with Large desktop formats, mobile designs layouts amongst other various “responsive” issues. As many articles I have read online they point out the same;
One website states: “Parallax scrolling does not work on mobile devices”, another says: Parallax Isn’t Responsive, this is a huge problem for the fact we tout all our efforts on making our websites very user friendly on ANY device. So coming up with responsive solutions that fit all (or most), has been time consuming and honestly not worth this type of effort.

Next time you’re considering a true parallax site, my advice: Don’t do it! Sorry for the rant, it’s just another procrastination tactic I’ve embraced today 😉