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Why monetizing your site with AdSense does not work.

Have you tried to monetize your websites or want to build a site based on AdSense revenue.?  Then enter at your own risk. The truth is to create a nominal income using AdSense you will need a minimum of 1000 Ad Clicks per day, which equals about 50,000 unique visitors per day or 1.5 million visitors per month.

The minimum PPC is around .20 for non-competitive keywords and you would only average .15 per AdSense click on your site.


Lets do the monthly math.

To make a site that replaces your current job you need to build a site that will make a minimum of $1000 a week.

1000 ad clicks per day = 7000 ad clicks per week.

7000 ad clicks  x .15  = $1050 per week/ $4200 per month.


Website costs:

Average monthly website costs: $200

SEO / PPC to get 50,000 unique visitor per day – $100,000 per month


So in theory it would cost you $100,200 per month to make $4200..
Hope this helps anybody considering this as an investment in their future.


To create a job replacement website you need to offer one of the following:

  • Products with 100%+ profit margins
  • Fee based Online Service
  • Fee based Local Service
  • Online application that others would use for a fee
  • Allow others to make money using your site
  • Membership based content for a fee ( niche )

The best online businesses are ones that deal with your passions and interests. Do what you love whether its a hobby or just an interest.


If you feel you have the perfect idea to get yourself out of the workplace and having the freedom to do whatever you want each and every day, Feel free to call or email us today and we can help you make online freedom come true.