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Why Responsive Design is important to SEO and Google Search Results

In today’s digital world where everything is available on the internet and people have the liberty to access information from their phones and tablets, the responsive web design plays a significant role. It can drive traffic, engage potential customers, decrease your bounce rate, and connect your business with users on the go.

Responsive websites help businesses to deliver the true image of their brand. When users search for a specific product or service, your website serves as an introduction to your potential customers. When they arrive on your web-front but cannot find what they are looking for simply because your site does not fit on their mobile or tablet screens, they are likely to exit in a few seconds.

Here are some noteworthy benefits of adopting a responsive design.

A Single SEO Campaign
With a responsive design, you can easily manage a single SEO campaign to acquire your desired number of visitors/customers. The design works best when it is coupled with a perfect SEO strategy. It not only enhances your website’s visibility but also nurtures your SEO efforts with a healthy portion of link juice for generating high quality results.

When a user visits a website from his smart phone and it appears unresponsive with vague and complex features such as too much scrolling, pinching, and zooming then it not only delivers a poor user experience but also portrays a negative image of your business on the user. Responsive websites can fit to any screen size and provides an interactive medium to deliver the right message to the customers with the help of highly optimized content.

To be in Google’s Good Books
Google’s hummingbird update makes sure that if a website is not accessible through a smart-phone, the search engine pushes it back in the SERP’s. Although Google has not openly confirmed they reprimand sites that do not have a responsive design, however, they have repeatedly mentioned that they will give better rankings to a site in mobile search results if it is responsive.

The Responsive Web Design, SEO, ROI Trio
As discussed above, a responsive web design is sure to increase your conversion rate. When potential customers access your website from their hand held devices, and the website is equipped with easy navigation and SEO integrated content, it ranks better and lands you business. This trio is the key to formulate a successful business strategy. For this reason, it has become the requirement of every business to develop compatible and mobile friendly content to strengthen its overall business performance.

For achieving excellence and gaining the maximum ROI, get your business a responsive design today. It provides a great user experience and helps you to manage your SEO strategy successfully.